Making some home-made anti-vibration pads
Anti-vibration pads are available from Meade and Celestron for about $50USD. Not wanting to spend any money, and having some suitable 2-part urethane around I decided to try making my own. If you DON'T have the urethane, buy the commercial pads; the stuff is expensive =).

For a mold, I used Philadelphia Cream-cheese containers; the small ones. I measured the urethane roughly (I should have weighed it) and then poured about a 1/2 inch into each container then let it set for 2 days to create a 'puck'.

The containers came off easily without my having used any releasing agent. Then I begged three disks of 1mm (.040) aluminum from my friend Dave. These were fixed the pucks with a silicone adhesive. The aluminum disks (which could be thick plastic or any other stiff material) are to spread the force of the leg-ends on the urethane and keep it from sinking in. With the disks the urethane puck compresses evenly when the scope is placed on it.

Then I took three pill bottle lids, punched a small hole in their centres and epoxied the bottle lids onto the aluminum disks upside-down so that the epoxy would come through the central hole. This would stabilize the lids and the legs could sit in the bottle lids and not slide off.

Here's what they look like finished.

    Pay attention to the mixing ratios on the information sheet that comes from the manufacturer and mix the urethane well.... I didn't and though they work the rubber does take up water and has some voids. Pour the urethane from at least 1 foot above the mold in a thin stream to minimize the number of bubbles that will be in the finished casting. Then let it cure... and cure... and cure.

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